The Happy Person

Love feels airy, tender and festive just like these pretty balloons:

The happy person sees the sky
And knows its wonders day after day.
He’s seen the clouds of every dye,
The sun and the milky way.

The happy person doesn’t walk –
She dances skipping along.
She hums and sings when others talk
And lightly gets rhythms wrong.

The happy person loves the breeze
That soaks the heart in his chest.
He’s gladly savoring with ease
The youth at its very best.

The happy person gives a wink,
A cheerful wink to the moon.
Her heart continues to thrill in sync
With life’s most vivacious tune.

Although the life is often tough
And nothing is ever ideal,
The happy people are happy enough
With all of the love they feel.

Joy is theirs and ever so true,
For they have each other, you see.
The happy person is you.
The happy person is me.

(The photo above was taken at a big mall in the center of Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese have an unrivaled skill for making things pretty)

I realize that love is not always happy, unfortunately. What kind of feelings has love evoked in you lately? What picture would be symbolic of what you feel? Looking forward to hearing about it in your comments!


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