We’ll Make It Through

Ever seen people in the harshest of circumstances, who despite all misfortunes, keep up with a cheery spirit and even have enough strength to encourage others? I have, and it makes me believe that it’s what we have inside that matters, not what affects us from outside. There are people that seem to break down at the slightest hint of  rejection, under the lowest degree of stress. On the other hand, there are those that stubbornly stay positive in the face of any failure and maltreatment. This poem is for keeping ourselves and our close ones afloat:

Thoughts are these creatures
That enter your head.
With impudent features,
They urge to be fed.

Tiny but bustling,
They delve into sense,
Constantly rustling
At peace’s expense.

Boosting displeasure,
They hype up your woes,
Sinking the measure
Of cheerless lows.

Thoughts of this kind
Are merciless beasts.
When they’re in mind,
Then misery feasts.

They’d never lighten
Your burden of stress.
Rather, they’d heighten
Unease in excess,

Lead to confusion
And pilfer your sleep…
See the intrusion!
Don’t let it go deep.

Don’t get infected
By saddening blues.
Don’t feel dejected.
Keep positive views.

Let us uphold
All the patience we need.
Raise it twofold.
Never let it recede.

We’ll make it through.
Could it be otherwise?
We’ll make it through
All the lows and the highs.

(The photo above was taken in Northern NJ on a sunny spring day. I believe that the vibrant yellow is the most uplifting of colors)

Please share your thoughts: what do you do to bounce back from things that want to weigh you down? I would love to find out in your comments!


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