Hide and Seek

I have an adventurous cat, whose job, apparently, is to keep me in good spirits:

Hide and seek! Hide and seek!
What a tiring game!
And again and again
I have tried to refrain –
He insists every day of the week!

Well, the flat isn’t big,
So it shouldn’t take long.
So I’m playing along.
I am in. I am on.
I will even pretend not to peek.

So he goes. And I count.
Take my time. Turn around.
Tippy-toe. Make no sound;
And he thinks he will never be found!

If he covers his head,
Then he cannot be seen!
And I look and I grin:
“This is where you’ve been,
Silly kitty, come out” – I said.

What do you think could be the funniest caption for the above photo? I would love to hear your ideas! And by the way, what do your beloved pets do to keep you amused? Do share in your comments!


2 responses

  1. I love this!

    1. Thank you! You have given my blog its first comment and I really appreciate it!

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