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What He Wants

This is not about superficial infatuation. This is about real love.


He doesn’t want to see

scarlet powder on your cheeks.

He wants to feel secretly victorious

when he sees you blush at his gaze.

Purity of feelings always excites,

because it’s unique.


He doesn’t want to kiss your lipstick.

He wants to taste your own flavor

and see how his tongue can make the color

swell on your lips.


He doesn’t want to smear mascara

off your eyes.

He wants to brush his cheeks gently

against your own soft lashes.


And he wants to see his reflection

clearly in your eyes that sparkle

not with makeup,

but with genuine interest and desire.


He doesn’t want any smelly polish

cover and hide your nails.

He wants to see your own natural pink

turn white

as you press your fingers tightly

against his arms.


And he wants your hair flow freely

And tickle his neck.

He wants it soft

and full of your scent,

not stiff with spray,

smelling like the other million girls

who bought it.


Trust me,

he wants all this

with no faking

and no substitution.


That is,

if he really does

want you

at all.


(The picture above was taken on a remote lake in Northeastern Kazakhstan. This is the kind of natural glow and genuine beauty that I would like to aspire to)

Please tell me what you think. Does this poem make you nod your head or do you completely disagree? I’d love to hear your thoughts in your comments, as they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Just a Thought

Sometimes we need to seek out beauty in our lives.

The moon will scatter

Hints of romantic settings,

Of love songs,

And of cool grass, and…

But it is all wasted

If we don’t see beyond

Our porch

And traffic lights.

(The photo above was taken in Barcelona, Spain. This is a shot of a beautiful light show at the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. Isn’t it marvelous?)

Have you ever found yourself so caught up in your everyday routine that you forgot to appreciate the simple pleasure of getting touched by nature? What made you wake up? I would appreciate to read your comments!