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Hide and Seek

I have an adventurous cat, whose job, apparently, is to keep me in good spirits:

Hide and seek! Hide and seek!
What a tiring game!
And again and again
I have tried to refrain –
He insists every day of the week!

Well, the flat isn’t big,
So it shouldn’t take long.
So I’m playing along.
I am in. I am on.
I will even pretend not to peek.

So he goes. And I count.
Take my time. Turn around.
Tippy-toe. Make no sound;
And he thinks he will never be found!

If he covers his head,
Then he cannot be seen!
And I look and I grin:
“This is where you’ve been,
Silly kitty, come out” – I said.

What do you think could be the funniest caption for the above photo? I would love to hear your ideas! And by the way, what do your beloved pets do to keep you amused? Do share in your comments!


Cat Sentiment

This is my cat’s definition of a perfect day:


I’ll arch my back and meow and purr
And rub against your cheek,
And you’ll caress my fluffy fur,
And we won’t need to speak.

I’m sure a lot of you, readers, have pets. What is your pet’s way of making you feel appreciated? Do tell in your comments!