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Nature’s Healing

We’re part of nature, but all too often, we forget about it, completely detach ourselves from it and then wonder why life is so stressful. Let’s go back to where we belong, even for a short while, even for just a brief recharge.

Without strife I’ll feel the rain;
With ease the breeze will come to me;
I’ll hear birds without strain –
The nature’s gift is rich, but free!

I’ll walk the path across the meadow
And lose my qualms along the way.
I’ll breathe my sighs and let them echo,
And let my worries go astray.

Among the pebbles in the river,
I’ll rest my tired, sleepy gaze.
The purl of water will deliver
My thoughts from stress of busy days.

I’ll stay till dusk, and when the crescent
Emits a pale pearly blue,
I will come back a convalescent
And come alive, refreshed and new.

(The photo above was taken in the Acadia National Park in Maine, USA. The place is full of trails to hike and explore)

What do you say? Do you feel refreshed by the great outdoors, or are you an incorrigible city dweller? Don’t hesitate to drop a comment!


We’ll Make It Through

Ever seen people in the harshest of circumstances, who despite all misfortunes, keep up with a cheery spirit and even have enough strength to encourage others? I have, and it makes me believe that it’s what we have inside that matters, not what affects us from outside. There are people that seem to break down at the slightest hint of  rejection, under the lowest degree of stress. On the other hand, there are those that stubbornly stay positive in the face of any failure and maltreatment. This poem is for keeping ourselves and our close ones afloat:

Thoughts are these creatures
That enter your head.
With impudent features,
They urge to be fed.

Tiny but bustling,
They delve into sense,
Constantly rustling
At peace’s expense.

Boosting displeasure,
They hype up your woes,
Sinking the measure
Of cheerless lows.

Thoughts of this kind
Are merciless beasts.
When they’re in mind,
Then misery feasts.

They’d never lighten
Your burden of stress.
Rather, they’d heighten
Unease in excess,

Lead to confusion
And pilfer your sleep…
See the intrusion!
Don’t let it go deep.

Don’t get infected
By saddening blues.
Don’t feel dejected.
Keep positive views.

Let us uphold
All the patience we need.
Raise it twofold.
Never let it recede.

We’ll make it through.
Could it be otherwise?
We’ll make it through
All the lows and the highs.

(The photo above was taken in Northern NJ on a sunny spring day. I believe that the vibrant yellow is the most uplifting of colors)

Please share your thoughts: what do you do to bounce back from things that want to weigh you down? I would love to find out in your comments!

What He Wants

This is not about superficial infatuation. This is about real love.


He doesn’t want to see

scarlet powder on your cheeks.

He wants to feel secretly victorious

when he sees you blush at his gaze.

Purity of feelings always excites,

because it’s unique.


He doesn’t want to kiss your lipstick.

He wants to taste your own flavor

and see how his tongue can make the color

swell on your lips.


He doesn’t want to smear mascara

off your eyes.

He wants to brush his cheeks gently

against your own soft lashes.


And he wants to see his reflection

clearly in your eyes that sparkle

not with makeup,

but with genuine interest and desire.


He doesn’t want any smelly polish

cover and hide your nails.

He wants to see your own natural pink

turn white

as you press your fingers tightly

against his arms.


And he wants your hair flow freely

And tickle his neck.

He wants it soft

and full of your scent,

not stiff with spray,

smelling like the other million girls

who bought it.


Trust me,

he wants all this

with no faking

and no substitution.


That is,

if he really does

want you

at all.


(The picture above was taken on a remote lake in Northeastern Kazakhstan. This is the kind of natural glow and genuine beauty that I would like to aspire to)

Please tell me what you think. Does this poem make you nod your head or do you completely disagree? I’d love to hear your thoughts in your comments, as they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Here’s a poem about the magical world of dreams, the land to which we drift into in our sleep:

When evenings expire and sink in the dark,
Your thoughts will depart to another existence.
They’ll seep through the pillow and slowly embark
For islands beyond apprehensible distance.

The islands of treasure are calling for you.
They beckon with fluttering yarrow crowns,
And faraway hills of the indigo hue,
And spirited grasses of yellows and browns.

What treasure, you ask, is contained within?
The type that is only of matter to you:
Your hopes, iridescent and paper-thin,
And shimmering wishes reflected in dew.

You’ll wander about and linger in awe,
Admire the land as you cut across,
And right by the dawn, just before you withdraw,
You’ll shelter your memories under the moss.

(The scenic photo above was taken in Eastern Kazakhstan, the land of steppes and blue mountains. The photo of lush moss was taken in Acadia National Park, Maine, USA)

What about your dreamy state of mind? Does it leave you enchanted, intrigued, saddened (hopefully, not), recharged, lost? Either way, I’m sure it’s special. Please share your comments!

Just a Thought

Sometimes we need to seek out beauty in our lives.

The moon will scatter

Hints of romantic settings,

Of love songs,

And of cool grass, and…

But it is all wasted

If we don’t see beyond

Our porch

And traffic lights.

(The photo above was taken in Barcelona, Spain. This is a shot of a beautiful light show at the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. Isn’t it marvelous?)

Have you ever found yourself so caught up in your everyday routine that you forgot to appreciate the simple pleasure of getting touched by nature? What made you wake up? I would appreciate to read your comments!


Have you ever felt how love saturates your whole being and creates the sensation of infinite fullness within you and all around? It is a perfect marvel!

Stretching out my arms, I still can’t embrace
The measure of love both in time and in space.
Beyond the horizon, as far as I see,
Expanding forever, it follows to be.

True love is unending. It is borderless.
It’s hard to imagine, I ought to confess!
For how could it be the way it has been?
Infinity is what I’m holding within!

(The photo above was taken atop Mount Pilatus, a massif overlooking the city of Lucerne in Switzerland. Yes, love extends even beyond the farthest horizons seen from the highest peaks.)

I wonder what kind of sensations people experience when they are in love. Do you feel something particular only to you? Please, do tell in your comments!