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The Long-Awaited Train

Looking down at my tired feet,
Steady on the asphalt of the platform,
I turn up my collar as to greet
The invincible, undeviating windstorm.

Now I see a hundred-meter long
Segment of the railway embankment.
Seems as if it isn’t going on,
Mystifying, good-for-nothing fragment.

Passive and generic station lights
Outline the visible existence;
All of the external is the night’s,
Hidden by the darkness at a distance.

As the wind is straightening my lashes,
Blowing tears out of my eyes,
I distinguish two remote flashes –
My dispassionately flickering surprise.

Is it just a fantasy or no?
I continue peering and – yes!
Drawing near steadily, they grow –
Lights of the belated night express.

Half-a-minute later I desert
This disheartening inhospitable place,
Finding myself at the resort
Of your most affectionate embrace.

We will ride the train through the dawn,
Right into the leaves of late October;
And the moment never will be gone,
Love will hardly leave us feeling sober.


What He Wants

This is not about superficial infatuation. This is about real love.


He doesn’t want to see

scarlet powder on your cheeks.

He wants to feel secretly victorious

when he sees you blush at his gaze.

Purity of feelings always excites,

because it’s unique.


He doesn’t want to kiss your lipstick.

He wants to taste your own flavor

and see how his tongue can make the color

swell on your lips.


He doesn’t want to smear mascara

off your eyes.

He wants to brush his cheeks gently

against your own soft lashes.


And he wants to see his reflection

clearly in your eyes that sparkle

not with makeup,

but with genuine interest and desire.


He doesn’t want any smelly polish

cover and hide your nails.

He wants to see your own natural pink

turn white

as you press your fingers tightly

against his arms.


And he wants your hair flow freely

And tickle his neck.

He wants it soft

and full of your scent,

not stiff with spray,

smelling like the other million girls

who bought it.


Trust me,

he wants all this

with no faking

and no substitution.


That is,

if he really does

want you

at all.


(The picture above was taken on a remote lake in Northeastern Kazakhstan. This is the kind of natural glow and genuine beauty that I would like to aspire to)

Please tell me what you think. Does this poem make you nod your head or do you completely disagree? I’d love to hear your thoughts in your comments, as they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Cat Sentiment

This is my cat’s definition of a perfect day:


I’ll arch my back and meow and purr
And rub against your cheek,
And you’ll caress my fluffy fur,
And we won’t need to speak.

I’m sure a lot of you, readers, have pets. What is your pet’s way of making you feel appreciated? Do tell in your comments!


When your relationship is full of exciting surprises and intriguing discoveries, it will never dull.


Look up at the stars above
Such is your love.
So enigmatic,
Never static.

Look at the moon in the sky
And hear me sigh.
It’s so artistic,
Yet so mystic.


I will not try
To figure you out.
I’m not a spy,
I’m not a scout.

I like it just
The way it is
My love and lust
Feed on your mysteries.


Creating a new surprise,
You disguise.
It’s so magnetic
And poetic!

Just as your secrets impress,
Now I make you guess.
Is it ironic
Or harmonic?


I will not try
To figure you out.
I’m not a spy,
I’m not a scout.

I like it just
The way it is
My love and lust
Feed on your mysteries.

(The photo above if of a festive light display by the Galleries Lafaette in Paris, France. Let’s beautify our relationships so they may glow with similar fairy-like quality!)

What do you think it is that makes light garlands look so magical? What is it in a relationship that makes it feel just as special? Please share your thoughts in your comments!

The End of Separation

When a lengthy wait comes to an end and the longed-for reunion is at hand, it brings such exhilarating joy that is worth sharing.

Away with the planes that steal our love!
Away with good-byes, ’cause we’ve had enough!
Away with the kisses and sighs on the phone!
Away with the blues that are much too known!

And back with the happy spontaneous smiles.
And back to affection in spite of the trials.
And onto the aisle with two golden rings.
And wasn’t it worth all the months and the miles?!

(The picture above was taken in New Jersey, USA. The beauty of cherry blossoms in spring represents the joy or renewal)

What do you think? Have you ever had a long-distance relationship? What kind of impact did it have on your life? I would be glad to read about it in your comments!

The Happy Person

Love feels airy, tender and festive just like these pretty balloons:

The happy person sees the sky
And knows its wonders day after day.
He’s seen the clouds of every dye,
The sun and the milky way.

The happy person doesn’t walk –
She dances skipping along.
She hums and sings when others talk
And lightly gets rhythms wrong.

The happy person loves the breeze
That soaks the heart in his chest.
He’s gladly savoring with ease
The youth at its very best.

The happy person gives a wink,
A cheerful wink to the moon.
Her heart continues to thrill in sync
With life’s most vivacious tune.

Although the life is often tough
And nothing is ever ideal,
The happy people are happy enough
With all of the love they feel.

Joy is theirs and ever so true,
For they have each other, you see.
The happy person is you.
The happy person is me.

(The photo above was taken at a big mall in the center of Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese have an unrivaled skill for making things pretty)

I realize that love is not always happy, unfortunately. What kind of feelings has love evoked in you lately? What picture would be symbolic of what you feel? Looking forward to hearing about it in your comments!