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The Long-Awaited Train

Looking down at my tired feet,
Steady on the asphalt of the platform,
I turn up my collar as to greet
The invincible, undeviating windstorm.

Now I see a hundred-meter long
Segment of the railway embankment.
Seems as if it isn’t going on,
Mystifying, good-for-nothing fragment.

Passive and generic station lights
Outline the visible existence;
All of the external is the night’s,
Hidden by the darkness at a distance.

As the wind is straightening my lashes,
Blowing tears out of my eyes,
I distinguish two remote flashes –
My dispassionately flickering surprise.

Is it just a fantasy or no?
I continue peering and – yes!
Drawing near steadily, they grow –
Lights of the belated night express.

Half-a-minute later I desert
This disheartening inhospitable place,
Finding myself at the resort
Of your most affectionate embrace.

We will ride the train through the dawn,
Right into the leaves of late October;
And the moment never will be gone,
Love will hardly leave us feeling sober.


The End of Separation

When a lengthy wait comes to an end and the longed-for reunion is at hand, it brings such exhilarating joy that is worth sharing.

Away with the planes that steal our love!
Away with good-byes, ’cause we’ve had enough!
Away with the kisses and sighs on the phone!
Away with the blues that are much too known!

And back with the happy spontaneous smiles.
And back to affection in spite of the trials.
And onto the aisle with two golden rings.
And wasn’t it worth all the months and the miles?!

(The picture above was taken in New Jersey, USA. The beauty of cherry blossoms in spring represents the joy or renewal)

What do you think? Have you ever had a long-distance relationship? What kind of impact did it have on your life? I would be glad to read about it in your comments!